Mikey is a Fingerstyle Guitar player based out of Santa Cruz California

Born and raised on long Island, New York, I currently live in Santa Cruz, California. I played Violin throughout grade school in the Orchestra, and picked up the Guitar at age 13.

Though I’ve never attended a formal musical institution, I encourage anybody to educate themselves through whatever they find to be their most appropriate means. I’ve learned just as much practicing at home and taking lessons as a kid, as I have playing on the street and preforming on the road.

I have to thank my good friend and musical mentor Josh Cohen for converting me from a hobbyist to what I am today. Be sure to click on his name and check him out. Josh also turned me on to the music of Charlie Hunter and effectively introduced me to the Hybrid Guitar.

Nowadays you can find me playing around the SF Bay Area or touring the country in my van. I’m happy to share my music with anyone who wants to listen. Thanks for visiting my page and thanks for listening.