Mikey is a Fingerstyle Guitar player based out of Santa Cruz California

Born (1990) and raised on long Island, New York, I currently live in Santa Cruz, California. I played Violin throughout grade school in the Orchestra, and picked up the Electric Guitar at age 13. Fortunately, my high school offered music theory class as well. After High School, music was somewhat dormant as I pursued an education in Electrical Engineering. I graduated from Stony Brook University in 2015 and began playing again around this time.

After putting together some upbeat finger picking arrangements of my favorite songs but not having much traction in performing, I began to believe I’d be a forever hobbyist. My good friend and musical mentor Josh Cohen changed that for me with a little encouragement and advice (Busk!) in early 2018. Later, Josh turned me on to the music of the great Charlie Hunter. After chasing Charlie around the West coast for a winter, I decided to pursue playing one of his 7 string Hybrid Guitars.

Nowadays you can find me playing around the SF Bay Area or touring the country in my van. I’m happy to share my music with anyone who wants to listen, and I’m a firm believer that it’s hard to fail at something when you put your heart into it. Thanks for visiting my page and thanks for listening.